ITE Building inspection

Time passes by all of us and also by all the things that surround us. Regardless of the maintenance or care that we dedicate, time is inexorable. The same thing happens in our houses. For our security it is obligatory to pass periodic inspections to assure that the building is in optimal conditions to be inhabited. These are called ITE (Building Inspection).

Time passes by all of us and also by all the things that surround us. No matter the maintenance or care that we take it, time is inexorable. The same thing happens in our houses. Each building material that is used has an expiration date. Nothing is eternal.

As happens with cars, for our security is required to spend a periodic inspections to ensure that the building in question is in ideal conditions for habitation, these inspections are commonly known as  ITE

This stands for “Technical Building Inspection.”  It is a mandatory inspection for buildings over 30 years old, which takes place once every 10 years. All buildings are required to pass, whether residential buildings, offices, houses or other buildings.

A building must pass the IT .E. When they meet 30 years of construction and after this first inspection every 10 years.

All the actions we take in our home are positive for our four basic concepts: health, safety, and comfort. An Inspection of this type will assure us that our building is apt to be able to inhabit it or in unfavorable case, it will tell us that things need to be improved or remedied in order to be able to be. Let’s see how an ITE is performed.

After you hire an architect  facades, roofs, structure and sewer and plumbing: to take care of a visual inspection of the following points.

Once the inspection is done, a report is written that must be endorsed by the professional college.

In the event that, according to the architect to sign the report, the building is in good condition, the result of the ITE will be favorable and the owners are not required to do work. The file will be archived by the City until the next inspection, within 10 years.

If the  ITE is unfavorable , then it reflected as such in the report, the lesions found, its severity and its solution are described, and an approximate term is set to carry out repair works of the building. The visual inspection is resumed once the works are finished, until the report is favorable.

As we can see, the only thing we have to deal with is to be aware of the dates in which to pass, exactly as with our vehicle. The rest, always have to leave it in the hands of professionals.