How to make a purchase offer

Generally, when the buyer is ready to make an offer, he meets with the real estate agent to complete the Purchase Offer form together. The buyer can also write the offer with the help of a lawyer. Although you can prepare the offer only, it is not recommended that you do so.

The Purchase Offer contains detailed and complex information. If you write the offer alone, you may make mistakes, omit or include points that put you at a disadvantage in relation to other buyers, or get caught up in an agreement that does is not benefit for you.

When you are ready to submit an offer, ask the real estate agent for a copy of your state form and examine it carefully. Ask the real estate agent or attorney to explain each point in the form in detail so you understand what you are committing exactly before writing the offer.

Make the offer

Many factors can affect the amount you offer for a home:

  • How much money you can spend.
  • Your desire to have that home.
  • The amount of other interested buyers.
  • The degree of motivation you believe the seller has.
  • The number of arrangements that must be made to the house.
  • How is the home compared to other similar properties?


If conditions are not met, you will not be required to proceed with the purchase after the offer is accepted.

Most buyers condition the Offer to their ability to obtain satisfactory mortgage financing. Without this condition, they could risk losing their security deposit (or more) if they do not get a mortgage loan.

Other common conditions are:

  • Obtain satisfactory results in a home inspection within a certain time frame.
  • Get the results of a termite presence inspection.
  • Get test results from wells and satisfactory septic tanks.
  • Request evidence that the property meets the requirements of the security code and urbanism.
  • Get an appraisal with a value not lower than the price offered.
  • Obtain a satisfactory review by an attorney of your Offer to Purchase (if the offer was not prepared by an attorney).