Housing inspections

The inspection of a dwelling should not be confused with the appraisal of a property. An appraisal is an estimate of value by a professional appraiser. Inspection of a home is the examination of a property to determine the state of structural and mechanical systems. The inspection should be done by a professional housing inspector.

Although home inspections are optional, it is recommended that you include a home inspection as one of the conditions of your purchase offer. By submitting your offer to a home inspection with acceptable results, you can withdraw the Offer if the inspection reveals important issues that neither you nor the seller wish to resolve.

In fact, you can request that the inspection be carried out before applying for a loan. That way, it will detect any problems that the housing has before earmarking time or money to obtain the financing.

Usually, as a buyer, you are required to pay for the independent inspection of the home. Professional home inspection usually takes two to three hours and provides you with valuable information about the structural condition and mechanical systems of the property.